Partnerships & References

Specialist for UMS & CTI

Wholesale & maintenance of
Company networks
Based on Cisco equipment

Internet Service Provider
(Naming on request)

Configuration of a customer network with
Several hundreds of sites in Germany.

Implementation of several service options
(e.g. VPNs, QoS, backup and standby solutions).

Worldwide operating producer
And operator of power plants
(Naming on request)

Installation of a German-wide VPN.

Establishing of CITRIX MetaFrame as a
Application Computing solution.

Windows NT migration at different sites and
Implementing of Microsoft Active Directory (Win2000).

Pan-European IT and
Communication services provider
(Naming on request)

Microsoft Exchange migration.

Integration of Unified Messaging.

Implementation of a Citrix MetaFrame
Evaluation and testing environment.

Worldwide operating
Tourism services provider
(Naming on request)
Installation of a VPN with Cisco networks components.
Pan-European Courier service
(Naming on request)
Implementation of aredundant Wireless LAN by using
Cisco networks components at several sites in Germany.
IT system services provider
Operating throughout Germany
(Naming on request)

Connecting of branches to the head-quarter by
Establishing a VPN with Cisco networks components.

Implementation of a Unified Messaging solution
Based on a heterogenous IT network.

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